Monday, February 3, 2014

Apologize for the long break, and I got a new game for you to try :)

Hello everyone!

Very sorry for not updating this blog anymore.
Things is , I'm not doing code anymore because now I'm more focus in business side of my game studio Amagine Interactive . But of course I still following the development of OpenFL . very nice to know that OpenFL now is quite well known.

And now we just released new game called Bug in Panic . This game is about a bug called Mr.Tomcat which need to survive by avoiding obstacles coming to him. This game is free and available for Android :)

Here's the description I copied from the Play store page :

"Note : This game use accelerometer as the control
Bug-world apocalypse survival game. You run, you jump, you stay alive. You're, likely, the last of your kin.
Dodge every barrage of obstacle with your tomcat instinct and collect berryfruit for saving your hunger to survive longer. After saving yourself through a number of level, you'll strong enough to overtake even more hardship.
Unlock every secret, discover the story, and find the whereabout of your family. Don't worry about the situation since in every storm there is always a helping hand of angel coming from heaven, once in a while, for those who see the light."

watch the trailer here

I hope you like it guys! Try it! It's simple and fun. :)
and if you don't mind, please rate and share :D

So that's it guys! that's what I'm doing right now. we're very excited to get this game known by many people! we hope people can like this game.

See ya!

Ps : unfortunately this game not use OpenFL . but no worry I still love OpenFL :p